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          Nucleon is a professional crane and material handling solution provider

          Service CentreService Center

          Committed to the development and research of crane and material handling technology

          • Pre-sale Service

            In order to enable our products to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent, and to assist users in better project planning and system demand analysis, we provide technical consultation, business negotiation and customize design solutions for free.Strong scientific and technological R&D platform

            Nucleon is a technological innovation demonstration enterprise in Henan Province, with a 130-engineer scientific research team, more than 250 authorized patents, and 5 provincial R&D platforms:

            Provincially recognized enterprise technology center

            Henan Province Lifting Equipment Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

            Henan Provincial Crane Lightweight Engineering Technology Research Center

            Henan Province Green Building Intelligent Maintenance System Engineering Research Center

            Henan Province Nucleon Lightweight Crane Equipment Industrial Design Center

            All departments of the technical system have established a unified technical design and management platform--PLM system, which achieves resource sharing, unified data management, and realizes the design mode of collaborative design and remote collaboration. By using the advanced design analysis software such as SolidWorks, SolidEdge, etc., the mainstream design method integrating CAD design, CAE analysis, digital model and motion simulation is the main ways of research and development. Nucleon adopts advanced parametric bridge crane CAD design and analysis software developed in cooperation with North University of China. Construction drawings can be automatically generated from quotation, scheme design to exwork. Optimal design and development of products can be done with ways of PDM, CAD, CAE, CAM, and CAPP.

          • In-sale Service

            Nucleon is committed to providing customers with systematic solutions, as well as first-class service and support. Facing the sincere trust of customers, Nucleon implements the service concept of Passionate, Fast, Professional and Perfect to systematize, standardize and branded the service work.

          • After-sales Service

            For any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via email, telephone, mobile or submit a message form. We will reflex to you as soon as possible.

            We are here to assist for your after-sales service such as installation, commissioning, testing, training, troubleshooting, spare parts, documents, maintenance, instruction, etc.






          product selectionProduct Specification Brochure

          Committed to the development and research of crane and material handling technology

          installation guideInstallation Guide

          Nucleon is a professional solution provider for material handling equipment.

          Nucleon focuses on providing material handling solutions for you. We are glad to help you with the installation and testing of the lifting equipment of Nucleon. After the installation is complete, we will carry out the whole machine debugging and operation inspection, and provide you with the installation and operation inspection data report. At the same time, we can also provide professional training for your equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

          You will work with our professional project management team with rich on-site construction experience, strict quality control, for your installation inspection and acceptance services.

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